The Recipe for Explosive Growth Behind Onnit Labs with Aubrey Marcus – TCE 032

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Onnit Labs definitely is a company I have a huge man crush and today we bring on the Founder Aubrey Marcus to talk about how he’s been able to make it one of the fastest growing companies in the human optimization market.

You’ll learn the clever marketing strategy that catapulted Onnit sales out of the gates and how you can apply this to launching new products.

We’ll also discuss some other marketing tactics and must know information for everyone creating physical products.

This is a goodie. Enjoy : )


What You’ll Learn By Listening

  • How Aubrey got started with his first product
  • The launch strategy for their premier product alpha brain
  • A primer on podcast marketing and why this is such an effective channel
  • The role of authenticity in the company’s success
  • Must know information for anyone looking to launch a physical product

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For more on Aubrey check him out on Twitter @WarriorPoetUS and Onnit Labs.

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