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Ever met someone that left you inspired, energized and impressed?

What was it about their behavior that left you feeling that way?

Today we’re going to decode the art of making a killer first impression with my buddy Ben Altman. Ben is the founder of Charisma on Command and my ol roomie in Brazil.

After going from average joe to social powerhouse by working on himself for 5+ years Ben now teaches presentation skills to people all over the world. And what presentation is more impactful than making a killer first impression?

Whether you’re on a date or walking into a network event, this episode breaks down first impression science and how you can approach these situations to create impactful interactions. I’ve seen Ben knock out of the park first hand in real life and today he brings the same firepower to this episode.


What You’ll Learn By Listening

  • The 4 components of making a positive first impression
  • How to start off an interaction making someone feel good
  • Navigating trying to talk to someone at an event who is crowded by people
  • Some interesting ways to engender trust quickly
  • How to stand your ground if you disagree with someone
  • Specific examples of how to leave someone so that they will remember you

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For more on Ben check him out on Twitter @CharismaOn and Charisma On Command.

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  1. Heather Bayer

    I got so much out of this podcast – thank you to you and Ben for making it happen. I have never been comfortable in networking situations feeling on the periphery of all those interesting people, but now realise there is a way to conquer a painful shyness and achieve a greater confidence in joining groups and relating to people. I will be at a major conference in 3 weeks and looking forward to putting all this into practice.


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