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Ben Greenfield Interview

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Awhile back I asked one of my friends who the most impressive person he knew was…

The reason I was curious is because he spends pretty much all of his time amongst tier 1 entrepreneurs who seemingly live extraordinary lives.

Without hesitation he answered Ben Greenfield who I’m honored to have as a guest on today’s show.

Ben is an absolute beast. He has competed in over 10 ultra marathons, his site BenGreenFieldFitness is one of the most popular & well researched sites on health and performance enhancement, and he also has a product and service company that develops innovative fitness and nutrition products.

Today Ben provides some amazing answers to common questions like whats the fastest way to build muscle and lost fat at the same time, how to become a fat burning machine, and a whole lot more on achieving peak performance.

I even walked away from this conversation with some interesting new tidbits on two of my favorite beverages coffee and wine!


What You’ll Learn By Listening

  • The fastest way to build muscle and lose fat at the same time
  • The ideal macronutrient ratio to become a fat burning machine
  • The real deal on whether red wine is good for you
  • What you need to know about coffee intake and how to set up a proper caffeine cycling regimen
  • Why getting quality sleep is the most critical component for optimal brain and mental function
  • Three ways to reset your circadian rhythm is your sleep cycle is off

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For more on Ben check him out Ben Greenfield Fitness and on Twitter @bengreenfield.

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