Biz Dev Talk to Canadian Tech Accelerator (Video)

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I recently gave a talk to the Canadian Tech Accelerator on how to find decision makers and get meetings as a startup with limited connections. The Canadian Consulate of New York brings a few select young companies to NYC every 3 months to expose them to the New York Tech ecosystem while they grow their business.

For my efforts, they were kind enough to give me a lifetime supply of maple syrup along with a lock of Gretzky’s hair. Pretty sweet trade eh!

Gretzky's Hair

In this talk, I cover:

  • ways to find a decision maker
  • how to write cold emails that actually work (warning contains unconventional, non-toolish advice)
  • exact cold call scripts and strategies
  • some random “resourceful” tactics I’ve used to open doors that I think freaked some people out

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If you’re like me and consume most of your content in transit through audio, you can also listen/download this here.

I enjoyed speaking to this group a lot because they asked good questions and had funny accents. I even met a guy who was Princeton 06! If you found this talk interesting and happen to run a country, let me know if you’re looking for someone to chat with entrepreneurs about cold emailing…

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