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Brian Smith Interview

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“You can’t give birth to adults…”

This is a quote from today’s guest that was something that I needed to hear and might provide peace of mind to those of you listening are in the early days of starting something new.

I’m so excited to have Brian Smith, the founder of the iconic boot brand Ugg on the show. You may have seen these in just about every high school in the world not too long ago…in fact I think I bought a pair for my sister for Christmas back in the day!

But Ugg wasn’t always an iconic brand…today we’re going to unpack the story of how Brian started this business from scratch in a foreign country with just an idea that hit him while reading a surfing magazine in Southern California.

One of the most challenging things an entrepreneur faces is just the resiliency to hang in there in the face of adversity and uncertainty. Mastering this was a key part of Brian’s journey and something we’re going to dive deep into during this episode.


What You’ll Learn By Listening

  • How Brian got the idea for Uggs while reading a surf magazine in Southern California
  • Challenges he overcame in the early days like getting distribution for his product
  • How to create demand for a product that the market doesn’t necessarily know they have a need for
  • The brand re-alignment that created the tipping point for Uggs
  • Thoughts around how to persist as an entrepreneur especially during tough times
  • Important things to understand if your goal is to build an iconic brand
  • Details on Brian’s new book: The Birth of a Brand

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For more on Brian check his new book Birth Of A Brand and his Blog.

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