How to Be A More Thoughtful “Busy Person” in Less Than 10 Minutes A Day

by Scott

The one thing we all want, yet can’t create is more time. Our limited time forces us to prioritize the endless list of things we intend and want to do. But we can’t get to everything. So the things with the greatest immediacy end up taking precedence. The problem is that our perceived immediacy does not always always align with importance.

Important = be a good person and positive influence on society
Less Important = respond to emails, read today’s headlines

Immediate = respond to emails, read today’s headlines
Less Immediate = be a good person and positive influence on society

This enigma is why we nonchalantly walk by people who need our help. It’s why we put altruistic aspirations in the …
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What All Humans Crave

by Scott

It sucks to be cold. It sucks to be hungry. It sucks being lonely. It sucks to be sick. A lot of harsh realities suck.

But you know what sucks more than anything else? Feeling like you’re a lesser human or even worse, like you’re not one at all.

I’ve come to realize over the past year nothing makes people feel better than making them feel special or appreciated; more or less, giving them dignity. At the same time, nothing makes people feel worse than depriving them the dignity that all human beings deserve.

Yet everyday we walk by those in need. They ask for help and we pretend not to hear. They stretch their hands out and we intentionally act like we …
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My Life: Far From Deserved

by Scott

My interactions with the world around me over the past 5 days move me to write this post.
Sunday: My pastor Carl Lentz gave an inspiring sermon after returning from Ethiopia. He spent the last week working with Scott Harrison to provide villages with clean water. The pictures made my eyes sweat.
Tuesday: Someone asked me how lucky I thought I was. A 12 on the 10 point scale sounds about right.

Wednesday: I met a guy named Lavar who’d been living drug-free on the street for 6 years due to a mental illness. He showed me how he can’t fully close his hands because of the many cold nights he’s spent on rugged pavement.

A short while ago I wrote a post about …
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Talking to the Homeless and the Theatre of Everyday Life

by Scott

Every time I step on a subway and hear a declarative “Excuse me” my ears perk up. I quickly scan the rest of the car to find the eyes of a person who has fallen on hard times. As I rise up from my seat and move with purpose towards the man, I feel the curious gaze from those around me grace my shoulders.  
No words. No hesitation. Just open arms. I go in for a strong 2 second hug. Then I ask him his name and tell him mine is Scott. We usually talk till my stop at which point I make my way to the door. A smile rests firmly on my face as I step …
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