Using Identity to Sell

by Scott

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything, especially about BD/sales, but I’m going to start writing about things I’m learning and am being reminded of again more regularly .

One of the most interesting drivers for the people we try to sell and market to is identity. Specifically what type of person does the person you’re trying to influence say they are?

Example identities:

I’m a numbers driven executive.

I’m a doer.

I’m an early adopter of new tech that’s going to give me an edge.

Most people want to remain consistent with the identity they claim for themselves…especially when they declare it amongst their peers.

Smart marketers and sales people use this to their advantage when they communicate by linking the desired action they …
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My New Project Peak State

by Scott

A few months ago I had this idea for a type of workout I’d never seen.

At first the idea seemed a bit out there, but as I’ve introduced it to more people the feedback has been tremendously positive.

The workout is called Peak State and you can read about it here. I now teach it regularly where I live in New York City and you can get a feel for the mindfulness portion of the workouts by requesting access to a sample guided meditation I created here.

Anyways, this post is not a workout prescription but rather the story behind Peak State and why it exists…

I think people interested in starting things and enhancing personal performance will find this a fun read : )

It all …
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Riffing on Uncertainty

by Scott

Have you ever been scared sh*tless to do something? I bet you that the outcome was uncertain in this situation.

Have you ever done that thing that scared you sh*tless and in one form or another succeeded?

You stood up to the bully on the playground and he backed down.
You got the girl at the bar that everyone was afraid to talk to.
You left the job everyone hated to go build an amazing company.

You conquered fear to achieve success. Fear that was grounded in uncertainty. There is no better feeling.

Uncertainty is a funny beast in my life. I’m addicted to it, yet I simultaneously try to combat it whenever I can.

I love going out in New York. Not because I’m particularly excited …
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Thinking About Self Improvement Over A Lifetime

by Scott

Self-improvement emcompasses goals. Goals do not encompass self improvement. The distinction is that goals are finite. Self improvement never ends. There is no finish line. Whether I’m trying to have less body fat, get better at my job, or develop a greater tolerance for fear the same notion holds true – it will always be a work in progress; a climb to reach a higher personal altitude void of any finish line. Goals simply serve as landmarks to aid us in our climb.

Within this framework, I believe self-improvement means striving to create a new normal; one that is just a bit closer to our aspirational selves.

This thought came to me in the gym last week. I was frustrated because I …
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The Humble Brag Economy

by Scott

As Will Dean so insightfully highlighted two evenings ago, the newest luxury goods are experiences.

The dominant conditions surrounding society have made it so. Generally we have less free time which assigns a higher value to anything devote our time to. We also have incrementally more channels to document and share our experiences (facebook, twitter, foursquare, etc).

The humbling result: many people, including myself, actively seek out experiences that provide “humble brag” opportunities.


Immediate examples that come to mind from my life in my quest to become…the most interesting man in the world:

Krav Maga Classes – Will I realistically use any of this? No, …
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What All Humans Crave

by Scott

It sucks to be cold. It sucks to be hungry. It sucks being lonely. It sucks to be sick. A lot of harsh realities suck.

But you know what sucks more than anything else? Feeling like you’re a lesser human or even worse, like you’re not one at all.

I’ve come to realize over the past year nothing makes people feel better than making them feel special or appreciated; more or less, giving them dignity. At the same time, nothing makes people feel worse than depriving them the dignity that all human beings deserve.

Yet everyday we walk by those in need. They ask for help and we pretend not to hear. They stretch their hands out and we intentionally act like we …
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I Eat Ice Cream When I’m Tired

by Scott

For a long time I was told I need to get 7-8 hours of sleep without a compelling explanation why. “You need to be well rested” doesn’t exactly make me want to drop whatever I’m doing to uphold some seemingly arbitrary mandate.

Lately I’ve noticed a correlation that does make me strive for 7-8 hours: rest facilitates discipline. When I’m well rested, my willpower to maintain discipline is much higher. I’m less likely to cheat on my diet, skip the gym, and undertake new activities instead of finishing difficult ones.

Inadequate rest provokes me to settle for the path of least resistance. This manifests itself through inferior discipline. My hands dip into the cookie jar and eyes linger longer in my …
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