How to Become More Charismatic With Charlie Houpert – TCE 035

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Charlie-Houpert Interview

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Today is an episode I’ve been looking forward to for a long time….

I am so excited to be having one of my best buds and former roommates Charlie Houpert on the show.

Charlie is a brilliant mind especially when it comes to people and social skills. Teaching other people how to develop them is his passion and the focus of his current business Charisma on Command.

I’ve been around a lot of social butterflies and people into self-development and I can’t say I’ve encountered anyone more on the cutting edge of charisma development than Charlie and his partner Ben who you may remember from Episode 1.

In this episode we’re going to break down charisma because I feel like its one of these words we use to characterize people, but because it comes in many forms it can challenging to crystallize in a way that allows us to emulate it on our own lives.

Now I know there is a lot of people out there that think this is a skill you’re born with but that’s just not true and Charlie is living proof of it.

I think he won shyest guy in high school which is a far cry from the person that he is today. After we talk about what Charisma really is, we’re going to discuss how you can go about developing it and improving this personality trait citing specific examples form both Charlies journey and my own.


What You’ll Learn By Listening

  • What charisma actually means
  • The 3 components that make up a charismatic demeanor
  • How to turn it on in an instant
  • The idea of state building
  • How to systematically become more charismatic
  • A primer on developing conviction when you speak
  • Strategies for building peak states

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For more on Charlie check him out on Twitter @CharismaOn and Charisma on Command .

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