From Consultant to Dating Coach: A Chat on Personal Development With Charlie Houpert

by Scott - 2 Comments

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Today I want to share an interview with my buddy Charlie Houpert, founder of KickAss Academy, a business that focuses on self improvement for men by helping them get better with women.


In high school Charlie was a shy guy, so much so that he was designated “Most Likely to Break Out of His Shell in College.” Dare I say back-handed compliment?

Since then he’s dedicated his life to “breaking out of his shell” and overcoming fear. He’s achieved such mastery that he’s been able to leave his consulting career to create a business out of empowering men to overcome fear and meet women.

Scott, I thought this was a business development blog?

Sorry folks, I’m looking to keep it way more interesting than that. The truth is that anyone that really knows me, knows how much I’m into personal development. Charlie’s journey and how he’s making a business out of his passion is awesome – so much so that I think you should watch this interview.

But Scott, a dating coach? Really man? Listen, I’m a firm believer that discounting your faith in a higher power, the most important decision we make in our lives is who we choose to be our life partner. The fact that Charlie is helping people achieve progress in their search is awesome. And just like professors who help students develop business acumen to make money, whether his disciples use that knowledge for good or evil is out of  his hands.

In this interview we chat about:

  •  Charlie’s journey to becoming a real life hitch
  • How to overcome fear and develop a tolerance for rejection
  • Tactics to put the knowledge we consume into action (and actually internalize it)
  • How he teaches men to approach women during the day
  • The power and attractiveness of contrast in relationships and business
  • How he’s been able to attract clients that pay him over $100/hr with no previous street credibility
  • How the people in his life have reacted to his switch from consultant to casanova (HEY MOM!)

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If you or someone you know is interested in connecting with Charlie I reccomend heading over to his site Kickass Academy or following him on twitter for updates. Till next time.

P.S. Can’t make any promises, but I’m always looking for suggestions on people to interview. If you have a good idea drop me a line!

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