The Story of LaunchBit and Hustling With Elizabeth Yin

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Today I’m pumped to bring you an interview with Elizabeth Yin, Co-Founder of LaunchBit, the leading ad-network for email newsletters.

Elizabeth Yin

You know those people that peak your interest that you just kind of sort of end up just following from a distance? Elizabeth was totally one of those people for me until we did this interview. First I saw LaunchBit and was like, gee that’s a good idea. Then I started subscribing to LaunchBit’s newsletter of highly curated customer acquisition articles (woah another good idea). The she launched a conference called Hustle Con…at that point I was like okay, I seriously need to meet this person! Anyways, Elizabeth is a total rockstar and has an awesome story so definitely check out this interview. In this interview we talk about:

  • How Elizabeth exercised differentiation to get into MIT business school just one year after being rejected
  • The biggest lessons learned on her first startup and a quick anecdote how you can approach pre-selling in B2B
  • The early days of LaunchBit and a detailed account of their lean approach to validating their idea (warning: ghetto, non-tech awesomeness here)
  • The first place they went to get their initial customers and why you may or may not want to go there [24:00]
  • How they created bandwidth so they could hustle more to expand their marketplace <333
  • An outline of how big your newsletter needs to be to realistically start making money off it with ads on LaunchBit
  • A brief recap of Hustle Con
  • The trait that all non-technical founders need to have in their toolkit…hint: it begins with a “p”

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If you enjoyed this interview or know anyone with an email newsletter, I recommend checking out LaunchBit. You can also follow Elizabeth on twitter at @launchbit

In the next interview, we’ll be chatting with Spencer Fry, Co-founder of Uncover and previously Carbonmade. Make sure to subscribe to my channel on Youtube so you don’t miss out!

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