Endogenous DMT, Telekinesis & Emergent Phenomena With John Chavez

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Did you know that every mammal including humans produces Endogenous DMT naturally in their bodies? The same can be said for 1,000’s of plants.

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I wanted to make sure you knew this before anyone wrote this off as a psychedelics or “drugs” conversation which is often the cultural association with DMT.

Right now there is a massive disconnect between mystical experiences and the world of Science. The gap is closing, but it often still feels like there’s these two camps of people who speak in different languages.

Mystics point to their undeniable realities and scientists look to that which they can measure and prove in the physical realm. I relate to this deeply because I have lots of “sciencey” friends and our reality experiences seem to differ. I find that they often can’t relate to many things I talk about and I’m no longer enchanted by figures like Peter Attia or Andrew Huberman that primarily speak from the physicalist perspective. There is no doubt value in the scientific perspective to better understand parts of the human experience. But sometimes it feels like the valedictorian of Harvard who has never left Boston is trying to tell us how the world works. The perspective is often very limited relative to the vast potential that exists in the greater depths of the human experience which one has to experience directly in order to appreciate.

What we need is a bridge!

And that bridge just might be a greater understanding Dimethyltryptamine (DMT). You might have heard of DMT because it’s the active psychedelic agent in many things like Ayahuasca. But as I alluded too in the intro, it’s also produced naturally in every mammal and most plants! In fact, we have just as much Endogenous DMT in our systems as serotonin.

But what is this psychedelic agent doing in our bodies? What purpose does it serve and are there ways we can harness it for greater levels of health, happiness, and understanding? Today we don’t know.

John Chavez is the founder of DMTQuest which is an organization that is helping push forward the much needed research and education around Endogenous DMT. Through financing studies and creating a media that educates and amplifies the potentiality of understanding this substance, he is helping humanity answer these questions.

John’s story is a fascinating one that in some ways mirrors my own. He had a radical and spontaneous mystical experience that redirected his energy to pursue answering and understanding the greater truths about the human experience.

In the episode, we talk about some of these experiences including his experience with Telekinesis which I have also experienced and talk about in the episode. Did you know that the EEG device which was originally developed in the 1920’s was created by a scientist who sought to prove his telekinesis experiences?!

There are also some other emergent special abilities that we get into and I’m excited for the day when more humans tap into these profound abilities that we have been told are fantasy. 

It’s my experience that we all have many of these latent special abilities available to us when we begin to expand our consciousness. In fact, that is the entire premise of this whole show as I described in the first episode! That the evolution of consciousness is actually the evolution of humanity which is expressed through all the potential capacities we have that we didn’t even know were possible because for the longest time they were reserved for great monks, yogis, and mystics.

This was a fun one and strikes a nice balance between fun stories, the state of science, and the compelling future that awaits us. 




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