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What do Michael Jordan, Arnold Schwarzengger, and Oprah have in common?

They practiced creating success in their mind, to make it happen in real life. They had a vision for the future that drove them, and they made sure to see it every single day.

A big theme for this year and something that’s been a part of every single Peak State class is setting and seeing your vision everyday.

If we don’t ever stop and remember why we’re grinding, what do you think we’ll do when things get hard? When self doubt sets in?

This episode dives deep into vision and finishes up with a guided vision setting exercise. To download the guided vision exercise, simply sign up for it on the Peak State website!


What You’ll Learn By Listening

  • What it means to have vision
  • Why you need to see your vision everyday
  • A guided vision setting exercise you can use everyday

For more on developing a vision head on over to the Peak State website and enter your email address for a guided vision setting exercise.

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