Abundant Joy: How To Be The Happiest Person In The Room

by Scott - 12 Comments

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Two months ago I realized I’ve been doing my gratitude practice at about 25% of what it could be…

I fell into this new ritual kind of by accident, but I’ve never been happier and held a more persistent sense of inner joy since I started this so I had to share it with you.

I feel like I’ve beat this into the ground, but happiness (and everything else) is an inside job. To be filled with joy is a decision rooted in your ability to properly and consistently take an empowering perspective.

Even though I knew this, I was going about building my perspective muscle in an ineffective way. Most days felt like I was going through the motions and the effect on my perspective was pretty temporary. Writing down 3 things you’re grateful for becomes a pretty predictable game : (

This new one is different though. It is supported by what I’ve read about brain science + physiology as well as what many of my mentors at large like Tony Robbins preach. Most importantly, it just works.

Tune in on Itunes or Youtube below to learn about it and hear a live example of what my daily gratitude sounds like.


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I know this practice might feel weird and uncomfortable, and that’s okay.

If you feel weird doing it, I recommend you try it in the shower or in the privacy of a closed room. You can also turn on music while you do it.

I like to listen to this song on low volume while I do mine standing with my arms open and a big grin on my face: Hillsong – Stay and Wait

Questions  About this Practice? Leave your questions and responses to in the comments section below.

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12 comments, add to the conversation.

  1. gko

    Thanks, I’ve been thinking about happiness and how it can clearly be seen. A guy I was climbing with the other day triggered the thought because you could see his happiness from a distance and reminded of a few others that I’ve encountered that are the same and wanted to emulate it. Thanks for sharing what works for you, looking forward to trying this over the next week (in the shower).


  2. Michael

    This hit home with me so hard, incredible. After listening to this, I opened my arms, spread my fingers and screamed at the top of my lungs. Wow, I feel happy and unbeatable right now!

    “A high quality life is full of high quality emotions.”


    1. Post Author Scott

      Michael – that’s awesome man. I’d say that feeling is worth creating everyday…good thing you now know how to create it!


  3. Will

    Very heartfelt podcast! I am writing about Tony Robbin’s The 6 human needs and there is some value to my readers , at least I think so. I will listen to your recording again. I am a point in my life that I am trying to be at a higher level of state and want to share the journey. Great Job Scott!


  4. Jason Croft

    Absolutely love it! So great that you pushed through any doubt you may have had to put this out there. Such an important aspect to life that we all need to be reminded.


  5. Emmilly

    Thanks Scott. I just discovered your podcast series. Very addictive. I appreciate you talking about self growth in an honest way. I’m looking forward to listening to more of your vids. I would love to hear about you facing fears. Take care!


  6. Alex

    Great podcast and a very powerful practice. Thank you for sharing, Scott! Just started today and looking forward to experiencing this as part of my daily morning ritual.


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