I’m Joining SinglePlatform

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I am happy to share that I have joined the SinglePlatform team. I am incredibly excited about this opportunity to work with an awesome team and the future of this company. At the onset, I’ll primarily be working with startup sensei Kenny Herman on business development. I could not be more fired up about this.

Leaving building your own product to join another startup?
Building Sfter from scratch the past 7 months has been an incredible experience; one defined by personal and professional growth. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity and the chance to have worked with some awesome people. But at this point in my career I think the chance to join an awesome team and learn from some startup veterans at an exciting company is the best move for me. Greatest learning: I have a lot to learn.

For those that are interested in or currently using Sfter, it will continue onward and soon be open to the entire public after some finishing touches are added. I am still excited about the future of this product given the initial response received so far.
I’ll be documenting a ton of learnings both from the past 7 months and my future at SinglePlatform here on the ol’ blog. Stay tuned amigos.

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