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Jayson Gaignard interview

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When I moved back to the U.S. I traveled to a bunch of different cities to see friends and meet people that I’ve wanted to connect with for awhile.

On this roadtrip, I kept hearing some of my entrepreneur friends mention this thing they went to  called Mastermind Talks

Multiple friends said it was the best event they ever went to and it was well worth every penny…and this wasn’t a 15 dollar meetup group either! My friends who went paid thousands of dollars to go to it.

So after about the 3rd time someone talked about it I had to learn more…

Fortuiously, I got to connect with Jayson Gaignard the founder a few weeks later at a special dinner that he held here in San Diego and the more I learned about this guy, the greater my appetite built to have him on the show.

Today we’re going to hear from Jayson the architect behind mastermind talks and get a behind the scenes look at how he’s built what’s been dubbed as one of the most amazing gatherings of entrepreneurial minds there is.

We’ll discuss how you can think about creating a world class event as well as Jayson’s incredibly journey where he went from making over 22X the average national income to being in sizeable debt and how he smartly placed his bets to dig himself out of this situation.

I know I probably say this about every conversation on the competitive edge, but this one is really full of absolute gold. Jayson is a sage in business and happiness and has been able to attract some of the most amazing people into his life.

If you want those to increase your understanding or ability to have any of those things for your life, you’re going to love today’s show.


What You’ll Learn By Listening

  • What Mastermind Talks is all about
  • Why the 4 hour work week wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be and a framework to think about career/life choices
  • The hustle move that Jason used to get Tim Ferriss to commit to speaking at two of his events
  • The number one thing that contributes to making an amazing event
  • How Jason thinks about every single component of putting on a world class experience
  • Unconventional strategies Jason has used for pricing and developing the content of the event

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For more on Jayson check her out on Twitter @JaysonGaignard and at Master Mind Talks.

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