The Mindsets Behind Entrepreneur On Fire With John Lee Dumas – TCE 038

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If you listening to the Competitive Edge Show odds are you’re a fan of podcasts…but you may be wondering whether creating that one is really that valuable for your business and if you can actually make some moula putting one out there?

Well today my friend John Dumas is here to absolutely obliterate any of those doubts. John’s the host and founder of entrepreneur on fire which has been one of the top business podcasts on itunes over the past year.

He’s making over 200,000 a month from his show and inspiring people all across the world which is a pretty good gig if you ask me.

Today John’s going to give us some insight how people should think about podcasts and the best way to launch one in what is becoming an increasingly crowded space. We’ll dive into how he’s been able to monetize and the systems that help him scale himself as his business and demands have grown.

The advice in this podcast are applicable to anyone interested in entrepreneurship whether you’re looking to start a podcast or not so I highly recommend sticking around and hanging out with me and John for a bit.

Alrighty, I hope you enjoy this episiode with John Dumas.


What You’ll Learn By Listening

  • How to compete in today’s competitive podcast market
  • The importance of going an inch wide and mile deep
  • An insider’s look at how John is making over $200,000 a month from his podcast
  • How John has implemented systems in his business to scale himself and time
  • Parkinson’s law and why you should be implementing it in his business
  • The biggest shift in John’s business over the past two months

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For more on John check her out on Twitter @johnleedumas and at Entrepreneur On Fire.

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