Zero to Hockey Stick Growth: How to Get Startup Traction with Justin Mares – TCE 036

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justin mares interview

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Today we have a good old fashioned roommate special.

My current roommate Justin Mares, who is one of the most interesting and accomplished young studs I know, just released a new book called Traction Book with Duck Duck Go founder Gabe Weinberg. Today I brought him on the show to discuss the theme of the book how startups can acquire customers.

This conversation which was done on the ol kitchen table of our apartment covers some of the meatiest concepts in the book.

We’ll touch on everything from how to think effectivelty about getting traction and testing marketing channels to unconventional ways companies have gotten massive distribution in the face of saturated acquisition channels.

A lot of time people just don’t have a process to do things like customer acquisition and our chat today along with the book provides a framework you can plug and play to figure out what the fastest and most cost effective way for your startup to grow is.

Justin is a rising star and amazing guy which is why I wanted to live with him and the knowledge and actionable examples he gives makes this conversation incredibly valuable for everyone interested in startups, marketing, and building companies.


What You’ll Learn By Listening

  • What getting traction actually means
  • The first thing companies should do before trying to acquire customers
  • How to think about and evaluate traction channels to grow companies
  • A testing framework you can implement today
  • Why traction and product development must absolutely be done in tandem
  • The law of shitty clickthroughs and how to overcome getting customers on saturated channels
  • Stories of innovative ways companies acquired customers by becoming early adopters of new growth channels
  • Justin’s story on how he got the chance to write this book as a 22 year old kid…WARNING overflowing with hustle

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For more on Justin check him out on Twitter @jwmares, his Blog and Traction Book.

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2 comments, add to the conversation.

  1. Nikki

    Hi Scott! I really enjoy your podcasts and look forward to them every week! I just listened to your Justin Mares interview and I love that you two sit down every Sunday and do goal setting. I’m curious about the spreadsheet you mentioned as I’m always looking for new ways to organize my own goals. Is it just a simple excel spreadsheet?


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