LifeStyle Design: Why Not Buying A Dish Rack Really Matters

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This morning I was reminded that some of the most seemingly trivial decisions can have a tremendous impact on our lives and our ability to achieve our goals.

The catalyst for this thought was two small purchasing decisions: a Netflix subscription and dish rack for my apartment. Joining Netflix was prompted by my desire to watch Breaking Bad. Everyone I know is making a fuss about it. The dish rack was just something I had in my last apartment . It seemed fitting to buy one because I used it everyday.

I thought more about the implications of each purchase beyond my wallet shedding a few lbs.

Lifestyle Design

Netflix: Though I want to check out Breaking Bad, purchasing Netflix opens me up to spending more time in front of the tube. As I strive towards my aspirational life, watching more TV is probably the last thing that will help me get there. Why open myself up to the creation of a less than ideal habit and additional temptation?

Better Solution: Borrow season 1 on DVD from my old roommate, putting a ceiling on consumption.

Lifestyle Design

Dish Rack: I really wanted a dirty dish rack because it gives me an excuse not to put dishes directly into the dishwasher. The thing is, I hate when people leave dirty dishes out – more so than bending over for 4 seconds to put it away. Don’t get me wrong, a dish rack  is an improvement over dirty dishes in the sink, but it’s still far from my ideal state (a spotless kitchen just like my Mom kept). I mean is anyone a huge fan of seeing sauce stained plates every time they use the sink? Hence, purchasing a dish rack opens me up the creation of a less than ideal habit (and scenario) not for only me, but also my roommates. It’s basically a permission slip to avoid putting dishes directly in the dishwasher.

Better Solution: Put the damn dishes in the dishwasher immediately, encouraging a beneficial habit for both me and my roommates.

Both of these decisions hover around a truth that is imperative for everyone who wants to be successful to understand. Nothing has a greater effect on your ability to achieve your ideal life than your ability to design your lifestyle in such a way that makes success possible. Let me say it again: our ability to be successful hinges upon our ability to successfully design our lives.

The odds of me achieving my goals this year are diminished by ordering Netflix. The odds of me loving my home because it’s always clean are diminished by buying a dish rack. The odds of me writing this blog post in a timely manner are diminished if I’m online because I open myself up to digital distraction (thanks Focus Writer)

This morning was a subtle reminder that I thought was worth sharing – are you practicing effective lifestyle design?

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