Growth Hacking and Standup Comedy with Matt Ellsworth – TCE 052

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Today I think we have a little something for everybody.

I’ve brought my friend Matt Ellsworth on the show to talk about a slieu of topics including growth hacking and how he went from being laser focused on startups to pursuing a career in standup comedy.

I wanted to bring Matt on the show because the tactics he used as VP of growth at his last company Storefront are brilliant and I think this episode will really open people’s eyes to some of the tools you can use to develop a scalable lead generation process.

Matt also has some serious cajones.

A lot of us have dreams of doing something that might seem unrealistic given our current path.

I think its safe to say not a lot of people in Silicon Valley expected Matt to pursuing stand up after successfully establishing himself as a top growth hacker. But Matt had the gumption and courage to do it anyway which I give him mad respect for.

We’ll talk about the way he thought about this decision over the next hour so that anyone who hasn’t starting pursuing what may seem like an unrealistic dream can learn how to start making forward progress today.


What You’ll Learn By Listening

  • How storefront started to validate their business idea by doing things that didn’t scale
  • Their initial outbound growth strategy and how they started to scale it once they had success
  • The role that scraping and virtual assistants played in scaling lead generation
  • Different tools non-technical people can use to amass massive amounts of data efficiently for things like lean generation
  • Matt’s journey into different passion projects including stand up comedy
  • How we can think about pursuing things that might seem unrealistic for our careers if that’s truly what we want
  • Thoughts on how to start to develop muse businesses and income switches so that you can have more freedom to pursue your dreams

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  1. Pieter

    This is good stuff man, the terms and recurring words that jumped out at me is “it takes time” “will not happen overnight” “painful process”. Many times when newbies get into online business they think that they are doing something wrong when they start feeling the pain. No man! Many a times the pain is the key to your breakthrough, stick to the process. Thanks to Scott and Matt for this and thank you for a great show Scott. I tweeted this


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