PEAK STATE: Using Exercise to Build Success Habits TCE – #55

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Peak State

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Last week I wrote about a new project I’ve been working on called Peak State. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out, I’d go ahead and read that post…

What is Peak State? Well it’s my attempt at creating the most motivating workout in the world and leveraging the recurring nature of working out to instill habits that enhance achievement and prosperity. If that sounds crazy or audacious….well it kind of is.

This episode is an extended version of the origin story of Peak State, how its progressed, and where I see it going.

Even though you might not be in New York where I currently hold workouts, I think this will make an entertaining listen and give you some ideas about how you can start to leveraging your workouts for something way more than just getting a sweat….


What You’ll Learn By Listening

  • How Peak State got started
  • What the initial workout looked like and how it’s progressed since then
  • My launch plan when I landed in New York to test and validate the idea
  • The framework for continually marketing and improving the class
  • Where I see Peak State going and how workouts are going to be changing in the next few years

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