Casper: Innovating on The Sleep Industry with Philip Krim – TCE 053

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So I just moved to a new apartment and I had to haul my mattress from my parents house in PA all the way to New York City…

The whole process was a pain and trying to fit my queen size bed up the stairs into my place was an experience I don’t wish on anyone.

Fortunately there is a company out there called Casper that is helping fix that. Today we have Casper’s CEO Phillip Krim on the show.

We’re going to talk about how Casper is innovating on the entire buyer experience of purchasing a mattress. The thing that really caught my eye when I first saw casper was that the mattress was delivered in a box the size of mini fridge and actually unfolded out when you finally got it to your home.

That would have been nice about a week ago…

Anyways after chatting about the evolution of Casper, we’re going to touch a bit upon this growing trend of direct to consumer companies and what entrepreneurs need to know if they’re interested in building a brand to disrupt commerce companies with traditional offline distribution models.


What You’ll Learn By Listening

  • What Casper is and why it’s different
  • The story of how the Casper team landed on the idea of innovating in the sleep industry
  • The evolution of their idea to bringing a product to market
  • How they decided on which prototype to launch with
  • Their process for innovating on the entire customer experience
  • Thoughts on the growing trend of direct to consumer commerce and what market dynamics make this model work

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For more on Casper check them out at Casper and on Twitter at @Casper.

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