A Step by Step Guide to Pre-selling With Carl Mattiola

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Most people who try to start a business begin building something before getting a dime from a single customer…

“Que triste” as my Brazilian friends would say!

Today I’m pumped to chat with Carl Mattiola, founder of ClinicMetrics, about pre-selling and the exact steps he used to get paying customers before he built any software.

carl mattiola

In this interview you’ll learn:

  • The process he used to go from no idea to settling on building clinic metrics [3:42]
  • Which prospects to start with when you’re ready to pre-sell [10:03]
  • The logistics of his first pitch and what happened immediately after [20:39]
  • The power of “price anchoring” and how to utilize it in pre-sales [26:29]
  • Common objections he received in his pre-sales process and how to overcome them [31:58]
  • Tactics to de-risk a prospect’s investment so that they’re more likely to pay upfront [33:49]
  • The number #1 tip he’d give to anyone looking to pre-sell a product [38:06]

Also don’t miss the free copywriting checklist below the video…

As a free gift from Carl and the awesome folks at The Foundation you can get free access to The Foundation Copywriting Checklist, a top seller on Mixergy and Auppsumo, here: http://thefoundation.com/lifelonglearner/

If you enjoyed this interview, definitely check out ClinicMetrics, The Foundation, and Carl’s excellent blog. You can also follow him on twitter @cmattiola.


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