How What You Put in Your Body Effects Sleep

by Scott - 5 Comments

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This week I came out with my first Udemy Course called Sleep Hacking: Have More Energy, Spend Less Time in Bed.

Sleep Quality


I created the course because I’ve been able to dramatically increase my energy while reducing my total sleep time from an average of 7.5 to 6 hours a night by building great habits that helped improve my sleep quality. Compound that 1.5 hour reduction over the course of a year and that’s an additional 30 waking days I’ll have this year (assuming 18 hours of waking time per day). SICK!!

I want to share a portion of the class on the ol blog. Here’s a high level overview of what’s covered in this video just in case you have the attention span of a 3rd grader when watching online videos like me:

  • Stimulants – when your last cup of joe should be
  • Alcohol Consumption (sigh)
  • Hydration – how much water your should drink and when to drink it so you’re not doing interval sprints to the bathroom all night
  • Diet – when and what you should eat to achieve optimal brain activity during sleep
  • Sleeping Aids – why you should avoid them

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Some of my friends and family asked me why I chose to pursue mastery of my sleep?

My view – mastering my sleep is a scalable investment that will span all areas of my life, my entire life. If I can build habits that afford me an extra 30 days a year and boundless energy, I create optionality for myself to do a whole lot more of whatever I want. Build skills, hang with amigos, eat oreos…you get the picture.

Time is one of the most precious commodities we have which is why there are few greater investments than understanding how to create more of it in our lives.

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5 comments, add to the conversation.

  1. kulls

    In my opinion.. exercising and working for 10 hours a day with an easy conscience automatically gives you good sleep. Plus playing or watching with a small toddler or a child below 2 years will sure give you sleep.


    1. ScottBritton

      I think there is a whole lot more variables than working hard and exercise that come into play when it comes to maximizing the amount of high quality sleep you obtain.


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  3. Alec

    Scott, I am a new student of this sleep hack course and I enjoyed greatly. In one charpter of your course, you mentioned one particulat vitamin that helps the guys from getting up too often at night. Somehow I could not locate that particualt chapter. I wonder if you could comment on here (or email me) the name of that particualr vitamin you suggested in your course. Thanks a lot.


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