Building SaaS Businesses, Enterprise Sales, and Bootstrapping with Spencer Fry

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Today I’m pumped to bring you an interview with my buddy Spencer Fry, Co-Founder of Uncover and all around awesome guy.

Over the past ten years, Spencer has built 2 profitable companies without raising a dime and is now well on his way to his 3rd. #studmuffins anyone?


In this interview we talk about:

  • The founding and developing of his first successful company Typefrag which is still going strong today with 30+ employees
  • His transition to Carbonmade and how to bootstrap a SaaS business while doing consulting work
  • The number one thing that all aspiring programmers should have if they truly want to learn how to code. Maybe why I failed…
  • Why to never give something away for free, even your a startup with no customers or partners [21:00]
  • Thoughts around whether it’s a good idea to give something away in order to generate leverage for future deals?
  • The difference between enterprise and consumer web sales (muy importante) [27:30]
  • Some strategies on how to handle demonstrating ROI on a product where the output, like employee happiness, is hard to quantify
  • The 2 most important things everyone should know about bootstrapping [42:00]

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Show notes:

  • Spencer’s past companies Typefrag and Uncover
  • Vin’s blog – referenced multiple times because it’s awesome
  • Article on building for the enterprise
  • Article on maintaining ball control during a pitch/sale
  • Influence by Robert Cialdini. *Read this is you want to hear the word yes more often
  • Quote I love – “The minute you raise money you have a countdown to your death. But with bootstrapping you almost have a countdown to your birth”

If you enjoyed this interview, definitely check out Uncover and Spencer’s excellent blog. You can also follow him on twitter @SpencerFry

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