Break Into Biz Dev: Realities of Landing Startup Jobs

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I get about 5 emails or facebook messages a week from people looking to get advice on landing startup jobs…

I guess playing excel like a concert pianist gets old pretty quick.

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To combat this inbound assault, I created a free 8 email series that includes some of my best tips on how non-technical people can break into startups (sign up here!).

Besides being a free resource overstretched startup folk can point their friends too, this email series is an introduction to apply for a 5 week program I created on how to break into startup business development.

2 Dynamics People Trying to Break Into Startups Must Understand

Today I wanted to share 4:38 of video from the 5 week program that highlights 2 things non-technical people trying to land startups jobs need to understand.

Though I typically like to provide summaries of the videos I create, if you’re too lazy to watch the video, you probably will be too lazy to do anything about changing your situation…so watch it!


Do you have banker friends or random people from high school that you haven’t talked to in 8 years reach out to you to get advice on how to land startup jobs? Tell them to check out my free Break Into Biz Dev email seriesĀ 

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