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Steve Sisler Interview

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Do you think if you understood how your brain worked and why you behave the way you do, you’d be better equipped to perform at a high level?

If the answer isn’t at a resounding yes for you yet, that may change after today’s episode.

I’m honored to have Steve Sisler founder of the behavioral resource group to take us through a deep dive on the power of behavioral profiling and how we can use it to level up work, relationships, and performance.

There’s a lot of different behavior profile tests out there, but in my opinion the real power is not the test, but the person who is deciphering your results so that you can better understand yourself. Steve has been recognized as having a unique talent at this and today I decided to be a guinea pig.

Me and Steve had never spoked and before our call I took multiple tests for Steve to review in this episode. Whenever I encounter things like this, I’m always a bit skeptical but Steve was spot on. He told me things about myself I didn’t even know, that now make perfect sense in hindsight.

With this acute understanding of myself, I’ll be able to make better decisions throughout my journey which is where the real value is in this type of work.


What You’ll Learn By Listening

  • How self-awareness of our natural behaviors and personality types can be the key to maximizing our performance
  • Where understanding of ourselves and others fits into an organization
  • What the DISC profile is really all about
  • Many stories of how people have changed for the better after understanding themselves
  • My personal DISC analysis…which is so spot on!
  • Common behavioral profile misalignments that prevent people from maximizing their potential

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For more on Steve check him out at Behavioral Resources Group and on Twitter at @stevesisler.

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