LifeStyle Design: Why Not Buying A Dish Rack Really Matters

by Scott

This morning I was reminded that some of the most seemingly trivial decisions can have a tremendous impact on our lives and our ability to achieve our goals.

The catalyst for this thought was two small purchasing decisions: a Netflix subscription and dish rack for my apartment. Joining Netflix was prompted by my desire to watch Breaking Bad. Everyone I know is making a fuss about it. The dish rack was just something I had in my last apartment . It seemed fitting to buy one because I used it everyday.

I thought more about the implications of each purchase beyond my wallet shedding a few lbs.

Netflix: Though I want to check out Breaking Bad, purchasing Netflix opens me up to spending …
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Goal Setting Life-Hack: Leverage Your Password

by Scott

One of the most important things we can do to achieve our goals is to write them down on a regular basis. But this means adding a new, time-consuming process to our workflow.

A practice I’ve found effective, is to routinely change my email password to something that’s indicative of my most important goal (at that point in time). Do you want to be the top salesman at your company? Change your password to “topsales.” Trying to lose 20 lbs? Change your password to “20lbs.” For email, it helps if you require entering your password every time you sign in.


This is a simple practice that inserts the process of goal-affirmations into your existing workflow. When you apply this to something used …
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