Self-Improvement and Behavior Change With Jason Shen

by Scott

In this edition of the Life-Long Learner Show (that’s right I’m calling it a show now), I sit down with Jason Shen, Co-founder of Ridejoy and The Art of Ass Kicking.

Jason is an accomplished dude across the board: National Champion Gymnast, Y-Combinator Alum, Stanford Grad. The guy has done some cool stuff which made this interview really fun to do.

In this interview we talk about:

SomeĀ surprisingĀ benefits of being authentic about your self-improvement journey
A primer on rejection therapy: what it is, why he did it, and how to get started if you want to push your comfort zone
How evolutionary biology plays a role in human behavior
The power of branding a “habit change” and how this can actually make behavior change …
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