How I Got into BD – Part 3

by Scott

The first two parts of this post are good context for the third and final part below. It probably makes sense to read part 1 and part 2 here.

Now let’s talk about where BD came into the picture.

While I was working on Sfter I got to know Charlie O’Donnell through his softball team which I joined through twitter. I was excited to get back on the diamond, but I have to admit that a strong motivation stemmed from the desire to get to know Charlie. He’s definitely a cornerstone of the New York tech scene and someone I wanted to know. I had a great time that season and enjoyed getting to know Charlie.

It was through Charlie …
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I’m Joining SinglePlatform

by Scott

I am happy to share that I have joined the SinglePlatform team. I am incredibly excited about this opportunity to work with an awesome team and the future of this company. At the onset, I’ll primarily be working with startup sensei Kenny Herman on business development. I could not be more fired up about this.

Leaving building your own product to join another startup?
Building Sfter from scratch the past 7 months has been an incredible experience; one defined by personal and professional growth. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity and the chance to have worked with some awesome people. But at this point in my career I think the chance to join an awesome team and learn from some …
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