How Skillshare Helped Me Finance A Nicer Apartment

by Scott

I love a lot of things about Skillshare. But today I’d like to highlight what it’s done for my finances and purchasing decisions.

Most people’s income is static with the exception of a year-end bonus. This yearly income determines their monthly budget. I.E. If I made $48,000 I’d have a little over $2500 a month after taxes to spend on rent, groceries, entertainment, bills, etc.

In this situation, purchasing decisions are a zero sum game because our income is capped. If I’m moving and want to spend an extra $200 on rent, that means I’ll have $200 less to spend on entertainment, tank tops, Dos Toros etc. The bottom line is we’re forced to make sacrifices.

What’s amazing about Skillshare is that it …
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I’m Teaching A New Skillshare Class on Business Development

by Scott

I just posted a new class on Skillshare called Business Development: Going In Cold

About The Class

This class is an entry level Business Development/Sales class focused on how to go about getting meetings with people you don’t know. This class is ideal for entry level BD/Sales people working at startups who will need to maverick their way into getting in the door or anyone interested in this role at a startup.

In this class I’ll teach the basics of:

Building A Pipeline
How to Identify Decision Makers and Play LinkedIn like a Keyboard
How to Find Anyone’s Contact Information
How to Write a Cold Emails that Actually Gets Responses
How to Ask for Intros Without Being A Toolshed
Cold Calling Strategies* – Cold calling will always suck, but …
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Thoughts on The Knowledge Economy

by Scott

Two things that I love are learning and businesses that create surplus from uncaptured value. A space that particularly intrigues me is the Knowledge Economy.

So much of the incredible knowledge that people have gained through experience lies dormant. People always want to improve, gather more data points, and find things faster so there is a continuous demand for this knowledge. The supply is equally abundant: Odds are someone else has done what you’re trying to do or found what you’re trying to find. Yet despite someone really smart inventing the internet, there is still a disconnect between knowledge supply and demand. I attribute this to the fact that the channels through which knowledge is exchanged are still not fully matured …
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Guerilla Tactics: Selling A Skillshare Class Case Study

by Scott

I thought it’d be cool to expose some of the less obvious tactics I used to get people to sign up for my Skillshare class. A tweet here and there just doesn’t cut it for the young and hungry. Sometimes you need to put the warpaint on.                     

Email Signature and Inbox Special Ops

I use my email signature like a strategic weapon. I change it frequently and at times even cater it depending upon who I’m emailing. I’ve found it extremely effective for nudging people to look at something without looking like a tool. Within that vein, I went beast mode in large email groups that I’m involved in to try to drive …
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