Practicing Surrender: A Powerful Tool for Personal Transformation

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Discover the transformative power of Practicing Surrender and its evolution with consciousness in these deep-dive videos.

One of the topics that seems to be the most interesting for lots of people in this audience is on how to surrender while living in modern life. 

I got inspired last weekend after someone left me a nice comment and created an entire video series on the different phases of Surrender that goes a bit deeper than the things I have written about. It turned out that I really liked making the videos so I’m going to keep exploring this medium in the coming months. 

Practicing Surrender In Modern Life Deep Dive

There are a few big ideas that I wanted to convey in the Surrender Series.

  1. Practicing surrender is a consistent part of the evolution of consciousness and the interest or desire to arises predictably during a major shift in growth
  2. There are at least 3 phases of Surrender:
    1. Surrendering to Life’s Event
    2. Surrendering to thoughts and emotions once witness consciousness emerges
    3. Surrendering the personal will to the divine will once a shift in identification occurs

You can find the full Surrender Series I have created so far on Youtube, but I wanted to share 5 of the 10 videos explaining the main concepts here to avoid a video embed fest. If you want to go deeper and watch them all, I recommend heading over to the Youtube playlist which I will be adding to if people indicate they like it.

Big Picture: Practicing Surrender in The Context of Consciousness Evolution

This video outlines when and why the desire to Surrender occurs in most people. It is part of a larger evolution of consciousness that one goes through on the path to higher states of being. In some ways…it is very much just the beginning.

3 Major Phases of Surrender

I created this image that characterizes the 3 phases of surrender which I go into more detail in the videos below. 

Practicing Surrender

The process starts with the smallest circle when you start to surrender to life’s events and then gradually expands to include previous stages as one expands their consciousness and shifts identification. 

I like the concentric circles imagery because the higher levels correlate with surrendering an increasing amount of your life. This might sounds like a drag, but in my experience life just gets more magical and enjoyable the more you let go.

Within each phase of surrender you start to develop an acuity that becomes refined and habituated over time. For example, in phase 1 you may start by surrendering to a single bug life event. But over time with as you continue practice in your response to life, your ability to surrender to events becomes habituated until it happens seemingly automatically. This is moving from doing to being.

Practicing Surrender

I call this embodiment and the theme of moving from singular events to embodiment or “being” is a prominent feature throughout the entire evolution of consciousness.

Let’s get to the videos!

Surrender Level 1: Letting Go Of Life’s Events

Surrender Level 2: Letting Go Of Your Thoughts & Emotions (Witness Consciousness)

 Surrender Level 3: Personal vs. Divine Will

How Do Goals & Money Work With Practicing Surrender

I wanted to include this video because relationships with goals and money is commonly confusing to most people early on in the surrender journal. It took me awhile to really get clarity on this and I experienced a bunch of prolonged apathy in my relationships with work and money as a result.

I’m sharing these insights with you now so you don’t have to do the same!

I recently also recently read this article about relating to Wordly Pleasures on

The Dalai Lama’s Cat & Other Intrigues by David Michie that provides another perspective on this topic.

I hope you enjoyed these videos and explanations. It gives me great joy to create these expressions and share them with the world. 

If you enjoyed reading and watching these, you might want to check out my other post on surrender here.

If you have any feedback on the videos or new format of segmented newsletters, please let me know!

I am eager to improve and create the best user experience on all fronts for people interested in these topics. 

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