Jonny Miller: Nervous System and Inner Transformation

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Jonny Miller: The nervous system is the lens through which you experience the world.

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This quote really hit home for me from this week’s episode with Jonny Miller, founder of Nervous System Mastery and the Curious Humans Podcast and blog.

A big part of my consciousness evolution has been the opening of energy channels. This allowed me to really feel into my body and subtle energies for the first time. At first it was scary as hell. But eventually I became completely enraptured in exploring these energies because they seemed to hold clues to greater levels of understanding.

The nervous system seems to be intimately related to energy in our bodies. As electrical beings, this shouldn’t come as a massive surprise. I wanted to learn more about this which is why I was very excited to have Jonny Miller who is a nervous system expert on the show.

I’ve learned many hard lessons on overtaxing my nervous system due to my spiritual ambition which has resulted in lots of discomfort over the years. In many instances, this was due to overdoing it with practices I thought were supposed to help aid my transformation like breathwork and other somatic release techniques. 🧐

What I see now and discuss with Jonny, was how I was missing a the imperative long integration and re-patterning period after big releases. I also generally overdid it. Shocker coming from captain ambition.

There also proves to be an immense amount of nuance in truly relaxing into a sensation vs. trying to focus on it and “push it out”. Learning this difference in texture is a whole skill in itself. Again, this took me years of doing it wrong and enduring subsequent physical difficulties to truly understand.

If you are doing any somatic work, this is a must listen episode. The depth of understanding that Jonny has is truly amazing and the language he uses to communicate complex concepts is wonderful. Did I mention Jonny Miller has a charming British accent?!

One thing that I think is interesting is how commonplace it is to think that we store traumas or imprints in our tissues. This misperception is mostly due to popular books and media that misses the bigger picture. The trauma is actually stored in our consciousness and at the physical level shows up in the cerebellum. When the body shakes or releases, this can be interpreted as the downstream expression and completion of these repressed impulses that we have accumulated across our vast life experiences.

The journey of body restoration to our natural state of bliss, openness, and freedom can be a complex one. There’s tremendous nuance and frankly a lot of misinformation out there.

If you want to go deep into the nervous system and improve your own, I highly recommend following Jonny Miller and his program Nervous System Mastery which is accepting applicants for a new cohort right now.

His podcast and substack Curious Humans are also fantastic!

Enjoy this one. I genuinely hope you find it helpful!


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