How to Attract World Class People and Mentors Into Your Life with Trevor Owens – TCE 030

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How does someone attract world class mentors, investors, and peers into his life without a ton of connections?

Today’s guest Trevor Owens, CEO of, is going to teach us how he did it using cold emails.

Trevor is a HUSTLER with a capital H and incredibly thoughtful when it comes to building relationships. In this conversation, you’ll get to go inside his head as we look at real example emails he sent to some of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors in the world that eventually catalyzed fruitful relationships.

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What You’ll Learn By Listening

  • How Trevor originally connected with  marketing legend Seth Godin
  • The importance of personalization early on in email copy with concrete examples of exactly how he did this
  • The psychology behind connecting with really busy people you want to bring into your life
  • How Trevor attracted the attention of Mark Suster and Dave McClure before eventually getting them to invest in his company
  • An insider’s view on how Trevor helped one of his friends connect with Jack Dorsey and get him as a mentor

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For more on Trevor check him out on Twitter and QuickMVP.

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