Behind The Scenes Of My First Tony Robbins Event, Unleash The Power Within – TCE 031

by Scott - 9 Comments

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Tony Robbinson Interview

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I recently attended my first Tony Robbins event and wanted to share what it was actually like as well as the big takeaways for me.

Tony has had a profound effect on the way I think about the world especially when it comes to self-development. This event was called Unleash The Power Within and was a 4-day seminar in San Jose.

I went with 6 friends and had an absolute blast…if you couldn’t tell from the picture above of me about to throw a chair post incantation.

I think there is some real gems in this episode like the art of fulfillment, tools to switch your state, and building energy capacity.

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What You’ll Learn By Listening

  • Why you can’t only be chasing tactics and what you should really be focused on
  • How to think about being a more high energy person
  • A simple formula to improve your daily mood
  • How my life is going to change after the event which might just provide inspiration for you

Watch the episode here:

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9 comments, add to the conversation.

  1. Jay

    I really connected with the part on getting leverage on yourself. Social pressures from your peers and publicly sharing your goals can be an excellent means for keeping yourself accountable, but I’ve heard mixed opinions on this topic. Derek Sivers, for example, has a real famous talk on keeping your goals private to yourself. Your points seem to imply that exact opposite. Beginning to think that might be a mindset I should discard.


  2. Corey

    Great stuff as always. While I can’t say I’m totally convinced by the ‘woo woo’ strategies herein, they definitely work for many people, and now I have a great mental image of Brock Savage yelling his heart out in an empty room.

    That said, I’ve gotta complain about the lack of searchable transcripts recently. I know you stopped them because nobody said anything, but they’re invaluable for me after I listen to the podcast on my commute and then want to get home to take specific notes on what I heard (some of which are linked on my site above). It’s much harder and time consuming to go back and listen to the whole thing again, and try to find where the juiciest bits were. Any chance it can come back, or is it a big hassle? I can’t be the only one using it…

    Plus, your outro speech at the end of the cast stills says “go to life long in order to find a searchable transcript and more”, so if nothing else, that has become a false statement.

    Keep up the awesome work Scott!


    1. David

      I second Corey. I would like the transcripts, if possible. Scott, I just sent you an email about it. Would really appreciate it 🙂


      1. Post Author Scott

        Thanks man! I used to do the transcripts but they cost me about $20 per episode and weren’t giving me any lift for SEO so I chose to stop doing them….if you can find a free solution that does this, I’d be happy to put them with each post…


  3. Linda Stroud

    Scott, I love your podcast. I have an hour commute and find all sorts of gems whenever I listen. I especially loved this episode. I love the mix of business advice and inner transformation techniques. Thank you for sharing unconventional ways to achieve the competitive edge. I first heard you on Entrepreneur on Fire – being interviewed by John Lee Dumas and I loved your “energy”. I wanted to hear more about your journey and was thrilled to find out about your podcast. Wishing you all the best. You are definitely making a difference in my life! Thank you!!!


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  5. Lisa

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