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Today is an absolutely fascinating episode and one that I think has the ability to change the way you interact with people ipso facto the quality of your life experience.

Our guest Today is Vanessa Van Edwards founder of the Science of People.

What the heck is the science of people…well, you’ll find out in a minute when we hear from Vanessa, but I know some people hear the word science and immediately think BORING and I can assure you today’s episode is far from it.

A blaring majority of how people perceive us is tied to our non-verbal communication yet so few people are even aware of what they’re subconsciously signaling to everyone they meet.

In todays episode we dissect all types of non-verbal communication truths and tools so that you can not only make better impressions on everyone you meet, but also detect what emotions the people you’re talking to are actually feeling…and yes, we’ll talk about lie detection.

Studies have shown that people who understand non-verbal communication not only have better relationships with their loved ones, but also earn 15-22% more money. If this isn’t incentive to tune in, I don’t know what will be.

Ok let’s get on with the show and hear from Vanessa Van Edwards from the science of people.


What You’ll Learn By Listening

  • How much non-verabal communication actually matters
  • Why both males and females should care about testosterone
  • Alpha traits and why developing them is so worthwhile
  • Must know information about the science of first impressions
  • The 7 microexpressions that we can identify to read people’s hidden emotions
  • What your Facebook profile picture is actually communicating and why you might want to adjust it

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For more on Vanessa check her out on Twitter @vvanedwards and at The Science of People.

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