Lifehack Video Fun: 80/20 Approach to Networking, Creating Serendipity, And MAS

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I recently talked lifehacks, BD, WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER LINKEDIN MESSAGE SOMEONE etc at the New York Lifehack Meetup. Thanks for having me Sam Hysell!

Below you’ll find some video fun where we talk about:

  • How I got involved with SP
  • How to take the 80/20 approach to hack networking (shhhh…don’t tell anyone)
  • Ways to “create value” for people when trying to network with the big boys
  • The art of “creating serendipity” and how I got Keith Ferrazzi, author of my favorite book Never Eat Alone to buy me dinner
  • How to give people a personal update on your life without it being a “ME, ME, ME” fest
  • What the law of reciprocity is and how to leverage the heck out of it to convince someone to meet you for coffee
  • The value of building a portfolio of assets
  • How you can use yearly goals to structure each day (warning, To-Do lists are flawed!)
  • Some baby steps on sleep hacking

My virtual assistant Josiah (love you dawg) helped break it up into the questions that Sam asked which can be found  each video link so that you don’t have to pan through 1.5 hours of me blabbering.

Note* I originally had all the videos embedded on this page, but it lookkkeeedddd really tacky / toolish so you’re going to have to click through to the YouTube for most of them [insert online marketer cringing here].


Heres’ Johnny…

How’d you get involved in Single Platform? Why do you love business development?

Video: How I Got Involved with SP


You brought up an interesting point at the class I went last week of yours, where with networking you’ve taken a lifehack approach and applied the 80/20 principal to developing your network. Can you tell us a little bit about how you’ve gone about developing your network and meeting people like Charlie O’Donnell?

[leadplayer_vid id=”518B12398463F”]


What are some other ways you create value or sustain that creation of value aside from the content, maybe more on an individual level?

Video Fun: Ways to Create Value for Others


I remember in your class you mentioned an example when you went down to a conference and you staged a random shoulder bump with someone you wanted to meet and you already had a speech prepared for what you wanted to talk about. What are some of the key elements that make a strong first impression that’s going to make a sustainable lasting relationship? (Includes storytime: how I met Keith Ferrazzi)

Video: The Art of Creating Serendipity to Meet and Impress Awesome People

Yeah Keith!



How do you give a progress update to someone you want to maintain a relationship with, without it being “me, me, me?”

Video: How to Give A Progress Update Without Being Me Me Me


How do you go about creating the sense of serendipity when reaching out to somebody online? A.K.A How do you network with someone online to get a coffee meeting offline (hint: the law of reciprocity)

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Now that we’re talking about creating this rapport before reaching out to somebody, what are the other reasons aside for creating that need for reciprocity that people won’t always respond to a cold email that I send out? (A hitch-hiker’s guide to writing BAD cold emails and what a bar interaction can tell us about writing emails)

Video: Never Write Cold Emails this Way


Are there any other things you’ve realized that are constant across people that have changed the game for how you deal with your business or personal life? (WARNING – Contains psychological hacks like how to bring up competitors without being a doosh)

Video: Psychology + Engineering Words and Copy


It seems like you have built up a nice portfolio of assets. The book you wrote and classes you have online. How have you gone about spending some of your time on tasks at hand and at the same time delegeting time to build up this portfolio of assets? This is all about blogging and audience building and why I spend a TON of time on it.

[leadplayer_vid id=”518B130941699″]


So do you wake up everyday with a list of tasks you want to do? Blog posts, send emails – are you regimented or how do you spend your days? This outlines how you can use yearly goal setting to devise a framework to structure each day.

Video: Using Yearly Goal Setting to Structure Each Day


I know you’ve been giving pretty awesome sleep hacking information, everybody wants more energy and get more stuff done without chugging more coffee, how have you gone about doing that and how can we do the same?

Video: A Primer on Sleep Hacking for Newbs (baby version)


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