I’m Teaching A New Online Course on How to Break Into Biz Dev

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A little less than 3 years ago, I decided I wanted to become an entrepreneur.

If I’m truly honest, the catalyst for this pursuit wasn’t motivated by seeing young people accomplish amazing things, but rather serious dissatisfaction with my first job.


My first job in a nutshell:

I was bored as sh*t. I felt like my ideas were never taken seriously and my capacity to create progress within the business was limited by bureaucracy.

I felt like I was wasting my life. It was terrible.

I wanted something more fulfilling  I wanted to have ownership of something. I wanted to feel the tangible impact created by my efforts. I wanted to be part of something bigger than myself and be excited about work each day.

These feelings attracted me to startups…and boy I’m glad they did. 

The last 3 years working in startups has been amazing. I’ve had more unique experiences and excitement in the workplace than I could have ever imagined considering my initial boring professional experiences.

Interestingly enough, the further I paddle down this unconventional stream, the more friends, family members, and blog readers keep asking me the same question:

How do I land a job at a startup?

Even more specifically…

How do I break into startup business development?

After the 167th time answering these questions I finally decided to do something about it…

I’m excited to announce I’m launching a brand new online course called “Break Into Biz Dev: Burst onto the Startup Scene and Land the Job of Your Dreams

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The course is a 5 week series of videos, action guides, and live calls that will provide students the blueprint to land a business development job at a startup.

The curriculum is a combination of strategies and concepts that I’ve learned over the course of my career. They’re also the ones I’ve given to friends who were tired of a boring career and wanted to break into the startup world. In the past month alone, 3 people have written me thanking me for helping them break in startups which is rad.

The full length course will only be available to people who sign up for my free breaking into startups email series. If you’d like the opportunity to be invited to join the 5 week program, you must sign up for the free email course which gives away 8 emails that outline some of my favorite strategies and ideas on how to land a startup business development job. If you’re on the fence, join anyways. There’s no obligation and you can just keep on living your life when I offer the expanded course.

If you or someone you know is trying to break into tech or business development, I highly recommend passing along this page above right now. It’s entirely free and so far the feedback from people already taking the course has been amazing.


Here are some more details on the expanded, paid course which becomes available in approximately 1 month to people who’ve signed up for the email series. It contains:

  • nearly 4 hours of original video content outlining strategies and tactics I’ve never shared with anyone
  • answers to these common 80+ questions people have on breaking into biz dev
  • access to video interviews with top BD professionals on how to break into tech
  • invitations to 4 live Q + A phone calls to answer any and all questions students have
  • action guides for relevant content so that you know exactly how and when to put the strategies I’ll show you into practice

Though both the free email and expanded course is focused on breaking into biz dev, I think any non-technical person looking to breaking into startups will get a ton of value out of it.


Do you or someone you know want to break into startup business development? Head on over right now and enter your email address at the bottom of the page to get access to free strategies on how to break into biz dev right now.

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