The Most Effortless and Effective Outsourcing System I’ve Used

by Scott

Two years ago I started my outsourcing journey.

Since then I’ve tried a ton of different companies and works to offload as many tasks that I shouldn’t be doing as possible.

Today I want to share the most effective business outsourcing setup I’ve come across. It’s what I use today and has massively increased my output….

Here’s the deal.

If you’ve heard of outsourcing, you know there is probably specialists who could be executing tasks you’re currently doing. Odds are they can probably do a better job for less than your hourly rate as well.

So why the heck doesn’t everyone outsource everything other people could do to affordable specialists?

The main reason is that there is a ton of friction in the hiring process.

Where do I …
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How To Get A Free Dedicated Virtual Assistant For 6 Months

by Scott

I have a dedicated virtual assistant who helps me out for 10 hours a month through an awesome company called Zirtual. For the next 6 months I’m getting this service for free…

My virtual assistant’s name is Josiah and he’s an absolute stud. Today I want to tell you how I’ve leveraged existing assets to get this service for free for ATLEAST the next 6 months (retail value $1200 bones!). If you discount a crap ton of existing work on building a platform, this took me less than 2 hours accomplish. Time to explain…

Today, the only way you can get access to Zirtual’s network of U.S. based, dedicated virtual assistants is through a Zirtual referral from an existing customer. As …
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My System for Remembering to Write FollowUp Emails

by Scott

</head>&amp;amp;lt;img height=”1″ width=”1″ alt=”” style=”display:none” src=”;amp;amp;amp;ev=NoScript” /&amp;amp;gt;A prominent nemisis of opportunity and value creation is being incompetent at following up with people. I want to share my system for remember to write followup emails.

But first…

I want to deflate the hesitancy around following up with people if they haven’t responded to you.

I don’t care whether we’re talking about doing a business development deal or asking someone cute to meet you for a bebida alcohólica, just because someone doesn’t get back to you doesn’t mean they’re not interested.

Maybe they were going to get back to you, but forgot to respond. Maybe your message got lost in their inbox. Maybe they’re dog got sick and they declared email bankruptcy. …
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How What You Put in Your Body Effects Sleep

by Scott

This week I came out with my first Udemy Course called Sleep Hacking: Have More Energy, Spend Less Time in Bed.


I created the course because I’ve been able to dramatically increase my energy while reducing my total sleep time from an average of 7.5 to 6 hours a night by building great habits that helped improve my sleep quality. Compound that 1.5 hour reduction over the course of a year and that’s an additional 30 waking days I’ll have this year (assuming 18 hours of waking time per day). SICK!!

I want to share a portion of the class on the ol blog. Here’s a high level overview of what’s covered in this video just in case you have the …
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My First Month Using A Virtual Assistant…Was Awesome

by Scott

If you’re anything like me, you were giddy after first hearing about virtual assistants.

My challenge was that I had no idea what to outsource or how to use a VA effectively. But as a someone who loves efficiency, I knew I wanted one. (Get Yours Here!)

Sound familiar?

Well, I just completed my first month of using a dedicated personal assistant through Zirtual, and let me tell you, it was awesome. I’m going to outline my experience in detail including the exact requests I used him for so that everyone whose felt like me can have a better understanding of what’s possible.

Background Context of My Previous Outsourcing Experience

In the past, I’ve used TaskRabbit, Odesk, Elance, FancyHands, and Mechanical Turk for …
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One Resource I Use to Get Results Faster

by Scott

I’ve donated more money to the driving range than I’d like to admit.

You see, growing up I was told in order to improve or perform something at a high level, the best thing to do was practice. In the context of aspiring to break triple digits on the links, I thought hitting the range and swinging until my hands bleed was the right approach. Sigh.

The distinct memory of those blisters isn’t why I now cringe at that approach. I cringe because I realize I could have used my time much more effectively. When you want to get results faster than you can teach yourself, the best thing to do is seek advice from an expert. In the instance above, I should have taken a …
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Sleep Hacking: How to Sleep Better

by Scott

I’m constantly trying to optimize my sleep.

Why you ask? So I have can as many waking hours of the day to do the things I love and be productive while maintaining a high energy level and healthy lifestyle : )

I compiled some of my learnings into a slideshare presentation called Sleep Hacking: How to Sleep Better. It’s a primer to a new online course I’m teaching on How to Have More Energy and Spend Less Time in Bed. Take a gander:

Sleep Hacks: How to Sleep Better from Scott Britton

Do you know someone who wish they could sleep better, desires more energy, and/or is constantly trying to optimize their life? Share this with them so they don’t miss out …
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The Lost Art of Isolated Thinking

by Scott

Hurricane Sandy has been a pretty thought provoking experience. Some of things that have occupied my mind over the past 2 weeks:

I’m so incredibly fortunate that family, friends, and colleagues are safe.
We are not in control, no matter how hard we try to be.
Times of desperation bring out the best in some people. They also bring out the worst in others.

Amidst the power outages and abandonment of common conveniences, I was reminded of a rampant epidemic amongst our generation: many of us hate isolated, directive thinking. In this instance, I’m referring to dedicating time to just think about something without the presence of external stimuli like media, work, or the vortex of distraction commonly known as the Iphone.

We’re so incredibly …
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