How To Get A Free Dedicated Virtual Assistant For 6 Months

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I have a dedicated virtual assistant who helps me out for 10 hours a month through an awesome company called Zirtual. For the next 6 months I’m getting this service for free…

zirtual referral

My virtual assistant’s name is Josiah and he’s an absolute stud. Today I want to tell you how I’ve leveraged existing assets to get this service for free for ATLEAST the next 6 months (retail value $1200 bones!). If you discount a crap ton of existing work on building a platform, this took me less than 2 hours accomplish. Time to explain…

Today, the only way you can get access to Zirtual’s network of U.S. based, dedicated virtual assistants is through a Zirtual referral from an existing customer. As a reward for a referral (literally sharing a hyperlink), customers receive a $100 credit for every new member they refer.

Because I absolutely love the service, I realized there might be an opportunity here to make (or save) some moula…upon realizing my unique leverage point, I did some research using the Google Keywords tool on search volume for Zirtual.

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 9.42.03 PM

It turns out 1900 people a month searched explicitly for “Zirtual.” Obviously, ranked #1 on google.

Using my available resources, I tried to identify what the second ranked search query mentioning Zirtual was. I stumbled upon the fact that “Zirtual Review” received about 90 exact queries monthly…aha! I then did an incognito google search and saw that the  top result for “Zirtual Review” was some random guys blog that I could probably conquer with intentional promotion.

Next Step

I wrote a blog post optimizing on the keyword “Zirtual Review” on my experience with Zirtual (which has been awesome). I knew that what most of the “outsourcing curious” wanted to know was what I actually had my virtual assistant do, so I literally listed everything I had him do that month. It was a big hit.

Due to the number of shares and keyword optimization, the post has received a good bit of traffic. In just 2 weeks, I was the top search result for “zirtual review.” Kobe!

zirtual referral

I made sure to use Zirtual referral link throughout the post in order to capitalize on customer referral opportunities. To my delight, there’s been over 12 referrals through these links which equates to over $1200 smackeroos in credit. For the record, I also promoted these through a follow up email to a few Skillshare classes.

zirtual referral

Once I realized the arbitrage opportunity, I decided to get fancy and do some google adwords. After all, if my blog post was converting and the bounty was $100 per conversion, I might as well throw some paid advertising at it. No one was bidding against “Zirtual” which meant there was a great opportunity to placate organic search with my referral engine…or so I thought.

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 10.17.07 PM

I’m midway into a $100 adwords campaign and nothing has come of it. Of the 33 people who’ve I’ve driven to the article with adwards no one has clicked a hyperlink. Sigh.

Anyways, what can you take away from this post:

  • If you put the time in, you can make or save thousands of dollars having an audience 
  • If you’re blogging, you should spend time learning SEO and practice it!
  • There’s plenty of opportunities to take advantage of high referral bounties if you have a destination site. Whatup PointsGuy!
  • Only try paid advertising if you know what you’re doing or it makes sense given your margins/price point

Anywho, I hope you found this interesting. If you’re really good at SEO and reading this from NYC, I’ve been trying to step up make game. If you’re interested in potentially meeting up for a jam session hit me up in the comments…

Note* all Zirtual hyperlinks within this article are affiliate links. Yes, I do get a referral fee for this. But hey, it’d be way worse if I told you how sweet something was and then you couldn’t have it!

Also random thought: an opportunistic guy would probably also write a post optimized for “zirtual referral” ; )


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