The Startup Business Development Handbook

Below you’ll find articles that contain plug and play strategies you can use to become a startup business development force.

The articles are broken out into 6 categories:

      1. Prospecting
      2. The Approach and Getting A Meeting
      3. Pitching
      4. In the Funnel and Closing the Deal
      5. BD Networking
      6. Strategy and General BD

Enjoy ; )


How to Find Anyone’s Email Address

How to Find Corporate Phone Numbers

Guerilla Tactics: How to Find A Decision Maker Part One

Guerilla Tactics: How to Find A Decision Maker Part Two

A Favorite Linkedin Hack

Awesome LinkedIn Hack Part Dos

One BD Mistake that Can Crush Pipeline Dreams

Less Obvious Ways to Find A Decision Maker

My Business Development Toolkit

The Approach  and Getting A Meeting

One Way to Write A Powerful Cold Email

How to Cold Email Prospects

How to Ask For An Email Introduction

What Not to Do When Cold Calling

How to Follow Up to an Unanswered Email

What to Avoid When Getting That First Meeting

Quick Trick To Increase Cold Email Responses

Cold Emailing and Cold Calling: Don’t Be A Cyborg

Business Development Best Practice: Send A Meeting Agenda

Acknowledging The Language Barrier


How to Ask Someone if They’re A Decision Maker

How to Leverage Partners You Don’t Have Yet

Why I Make Fun of My Life When I Pitch

Storytelling in Sales and How to Do It

How to Prevent Prospects from Going Cold

How to Say No to A Request You Can Accomodate

Pitching: Silence Can Be Your Friend

How to End A First Pitch and Owning the Sale

What Doctors Can Teach Us About Pitching

In the Funnel and Closing the Deal

Tactics to Close Deals

Strategies and Tactics for When Prospects Go Cold

Getting to A Resolution


Tricks to Build Relationships When Meeting Influencers

An Intentional Approach to Networking

The Biggest Networking Fail

BD Best Practice: Take A LinkedIn Inventory

Strategy and General Startup Business Development

Identifying and Partnering With Arms Dealers

Things Startup Founders Should Understand About Channel Partnerships

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