My Goals For 2014

by Scott

I strongly believe the main reason that 2013 was the most productive, fun, and interesting year of my life was due to the goal setting exercise I performed below…

A few days ago, I published the framework I used to create holistically ambitious goals last year.

Below is a transparent view of my thought process to craft my goals for 2014 culminating in a list that displays all of them.

The Goal Setting Process

The first step was to revaluate and confirm the areas of my life that are most important to me. In no particular order they are:

Family / Personal / Social Well-Being
Personal Development
Professional Development / Business Growth
Fun / Leisure / Recreation

After establishing these steps I completed the following statements:

I want …
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How to Set Goals for 2014

by Scott

This post will teach you how to create goals for this upcoming year that won’t leave you empty when you achieve them.

This actually happens a lot because “goal lists” are rarely accountable to all areas of our lives that are important to us.

If you have a bunch of goals that are solely focused on one area of your life (cough work), you’ll probably end up feeling unhappy even if you crush them.

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Below is a methodology you can use to set goals for 2014 that are holistically ambitious. It relies heavily on a 400 year old Buddhist tool called the Bhavacakra or “Wheel of Life.”

You can use this framework precisely as outlined like I did last year or simply as a …
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The Least Talked About Enemy of Personal Growth

by Scott

Four months ago I committed to completely cutting lying out of my life.

The positive results from this change have been shocking and hopefully serve as a potent motivator to consider doing the same in your own life.

In the process of striving for 100% honesty at all times, I’ve realized that:

a) I used to tell told lots of baby lies.

b) Lying is one of the most crippling things to your personal growth.

Below I want to explain how lying, even in the most minuscule forms, is hindering you from becoming the most virtuous, courageous, happy member of society that you can be…

But first, have you ever heard someone say this?

 “Honesty Is Very Important to Me”

If you …
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Cracking the Code to Behavior Change

by Scott

WARNING: This is not a post about tactical information to improve your effectiveness like many of my others…

This is a brutally honest account of the parts of my life that I was unhappy with that were the driving forces for my relocation to Rio De Janeiro.

I want to share these truths and a transparent self-reflection after living here a month to inspire others, catalyze self-awareness, and reveal the fire-seeds of a proven approach to behavior change.

This is long post. It bleeds truth and many people will likely disagree with it because it challenges conventional views. I’m fine with that.

It will likely take you 10 minutes to read, but I think there are people that will read this and see truth …
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The Surprising Key to Getting More of Everything You Ever Wanted

by Scott

We humans are a funny bunch.

We run and lift weights to get better bodies. We study to get good grades and improve our professional acumen. Some of us even spend time in the sun browning our skin because we think it will make us more attractive!! Arrribbaaa <333

But it seems like few people intentionally work their get more of everything they ever wanted muscle.

In my experience, the most ubiquitously available key to getting more of everything you want is becoming more comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Some call this courage. Others call it a tolerance for rejection.

Whatever you want to call it, the gap between where we are today and where we want to be is often inaction rooted in fear.

The crazy …
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Your Most Important Muscle and 10 Ways to Overcome Fear

by Scott

Read this quote and tell me you’re not compelled to evaluate your life…

“Your willingness to look foolish is a small price to pay to get everything you ever wanted”

WHOWZERS…..The crazy thing is it’s true. 

In this post, I’m going to tell you how to overcome fear so you can get the things you want…

I strongly believe that the biggest thing that holds us back from getting everything we want is fear. Fear to look dumb. Fear to fail. Fear for retribution. Fear to even ask for what you want!!!

You know what’s weird? I bet 99% of the time your fears are completely irrational and self-fabricated. Most of us create justifications not to do …
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From Consultant to Dating Coach: A Chat on Personal Development With Charlie Houpert

by Scott

Today I want to share an interview with my buddy Charlie Houpert, founder of KickAss Academy, a business that focuses on self improvement for men by helping them get better with women.

In high school Charlie was a shy guy, so much so that he was designated “Most Likely to Break Out of His Shell in College.” Dare I say back-handed compliment?

Since then he’s dedicated his life to “breaking out of his shell” and overcoming fear. He’s achieved such mastery that he’s been able to leave his consulting career to create a business out of empowering men to overcome fear and meet women.

Scott, I thought this was a business development blog?

Sorry folks, I’m looking to keep it way more …
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LifeStyle Design: Why Not Buying A Dish Rack Really Matters

by Scott

This morning I was reminded that some of the most seemingly trivial decisions can have a tremendous impact on our lives and our ability to achieve our goals.

The catalyst for this thought was two small purchasing decisions: a Netflix subscription and dish rack for my apartment. Joining Netflix was prompted by my desire to watch Breaking Bad. Everyone I know is making a fuss about it. The dish rack was just something I had in my last apartment . It seemed fitting to buy one because I used it everyday.

I thought more about the implications of each purchase beyond my wallet shedding a few lbs.

Netflix: Though I want to check out Breaking Bad, purchasing Netflix opens me up to spending …
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